Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Applicability of the general conditions

1.1 These conditions apply to AutoTransFlush BV located in Amsterdam, municipality of Amsterdam, hereafter referred to as AutoTransFlush, concluded agreements, as well as the ensuing obligations, insofar as not expressly deviated in writing with the consent of AutoTransFlush.


Realization of the agreement
2.1 Agreements are concluded at the time an order is accepted by AutoTransFlush.
2.2 Acceptance can be made explicitly and tacitly. Tacit acceptance is deemed to have taken place if within 8 days after receipt by AutoTransFlush of an order to the buyer / client in writing has been notified that the order is not accepted.


3.1 Price quotations are always made on the basis of the prices applicable at the time of the purchase order / repair.
If price increases should occur, AutoTransFlush has the right to pass on these.


Artikel 4 Payment
4.1 Payment must be made in advance of the parts.
AutoTransFlush can also decide unilaterally to allow a period of 1 month.
4.2 In the event of overdue payment, the buyer / client will be in default by operation of law and AutoTransFlush will be entitled to charge statutory interest on the outstanding amount of the invoice. In addition, the buyer / client will then be obliged to reimburse the judicial and extrajudicial collection costs to Transmission. The extrajudicial costs are set at 15% of the invoice amount with a minimum of e 250, -.  


5.1 Delivery takes place from the factory, unless otherwise agreed.
5.2 If the buyer / customer refuses to accept the goods at the agreed time or the buyer / customer is unable to take delivery of the goods due to circumstances attributable to him, he shall be deemed to be legally in default and the additional costs, including storage costs, in accordance with the rate applicable at AutoTransFlush or locally apply to the buyer / client.


Risk transition
6.1 The risk for the goods is for the buyer / client from the moment of delivery, as referred to in article 5.1.
6.2 The mode of transport is determined by AutoTransFlush. Things always travel for the risk of the buyer / client, irrespective of whether or not the transport is free of charge and whether this takes place from or to AutoTransFlush.
Insurance can take place at the request and on behalf of the buyer / client. Provisions included in the conditions of the carrier can not affect the provisions of this paragraph.


Replace materials
7.1 Replaced materials or goods will only be made available to the buyer / client if this is expressly requested in the repair order. In the other case, these materials become the property of AutoTransFlush without the buyer / client being able to claim any compensation in this respect.


8.1 AutoTransFlush guarantees the proper execution of the orders it has accepted or outsourced and the materials used for this during a period of 12 months. All from the invoice date. It also guarantees the proper execution of the orders it has accepted or outsourced and the materials used for the products for a period of 12 months, all from the invoice date. The guarantee includes the correct execution of the not or not properly executed order.
8.2 The warranty claims will lapse if:
A Not informing the buyer / customer as soon as possible after having detected the AutoTransFlush defects;
B AutoTransFlush is not given the opportunity to remedy the defects;
C have performed work without prior knowledge or permission from AutoTransFlush related to the work performed by AutoTransFlush in respect of which the warranty is invoked.
D the machine has been damaged by improper use / overload. The above mentioned under B and C does not apply if recovery abroad is necessary. In that case reimbursement of the costs of the recovery takes place on the basis of the price level, as is the case in the company of AutoTransFlush.
8.4 The liability of AutoTransFlush referred to in the preceding paragraphs does not exceed the amount paid or due by the buyer / client to AutoTransFlush in respect of the work and deliveries concerned.
The liability of AutoTransFlush ends when repairs or changes have been or will be made to the parts processed by it without its permission.
8.5 Guarantee is only provided to the buyer / client and does not apply to subsequent successors.
8.6 Any further or other guarantee or liability, also for any damage resulting from incorrectly performed work or defects in parts supplied, will not be taken by AutoTransFlush. The guarantee in question is explicitly limited to the goods sold and does not extend to compensation for damage to persons and / or goods, whether or not of third parties, as a result of the breakage or failure of the washing machine or parts thereof or to compensate any further costs that may arise for the buyer / client.
8.7 The execution of the guarantee is suspended if the buyer / client fails to comply with any payment conditions.


9.1 Damage, including consequential loss in connection with (complete) components offered for repair, are at the expense of the client, at least to the extent that these are not covered by the insurance of AutoTransFlush.


10.1 The agreement shall be deemed to have been dissolved without judicial intervention and without any notice of default being required, at the time when the buyer / client is declared bankrupt, applies for a provisional suspension of payment or by attachment under guardianship order or otherwise has the power of disposition. loses its assets or parts thereof unless the trustee or the receiver recognizes the obligations arising from this agreement as bankruptcy.



11.1 Without prejudice to the statutory right of retention, AutoTransFlush is entitled to retain any property of the client that has been made available to it in any form whatsoever to the full satisfaction of all that AutoTransFlush has for whatever reason of the client, sufficient security has stated. AutoTransFlush also has the right to retention if the client is in a state of bankruptcy.


Force majeure

12.1 Force majeure is understood in these general terms and conditions, in addition to the not included in the law and jurisprudence, all external causes, foreseen or not foreseen, on which AutoTransFlush can not exert influence, but as a result of which AutoTransFlush is unable to meet its obligations. to fulfill. These are in any case, but not exclusively understood; fire, accident, illness, strike, riot, war, government measures and transport impediments.


13 Applicable law and choice of forum
13.1 Dutch law applies to all agreements between the buyer / client and AutoTransFlush, to which these general terms and conditions apply. These conditions can be found on the website www.autotransflush.eu

Chamber of Commerce number AutoTransFlush B.V. 70745609